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Whelping Kits

Petnap have a range of whelping essentials available for when the day comes, we can supply you with a comprehensive whelping kit which includes 5000g digital scales (If Purchased with), don't get caught out be ready for when the welping starts. We also supply a kittening kit of the same quality.

We like to think of Petnap as a one stop shop for all your whelping and breeding equipment needs. There you will find a whelping kit which contains lots of important pieces of equipment that could be required in an emergency or in general for when your bitch is in whelp. Our whelping kit built by Petnap in-house has a variety of items such as forceps, scissors, nasal aspirator-bulb syringe, puppy milk formula and much more, Petnap have tried to think of everything that would be required in the whelping kit and it is very comprehensive if it's not in the whelping kit you're not likely to need it. Also available is a Kittening kit.
Definitive Whelping Kit

Definitive Whelping Kit From 36.00

Kittening Kit

Kittening Kit 48.00


Scales 15.59

Scales Large

Scales Large 19.20

One Puff Aspirator

One Puff Aspirator 129.60

Whelping Instruments

Whelping Instruments 21.54

Blue Hygiene Roll

Blue Hygiene Roll 2.99

Umbilical Cord Iodine Spray

Umbilical Cord Iodine Spray 6.96


5" Stainless Steel Forceps 5.76


4" Stainless Steel Umbilical Cord Scissors 5.76

10x Umbilical Cord Clamps

10x Umbilical Cord Clamps 6.30


Thermometer 5.76

Bulb Syringe / Aspirator

Bulb Syringe / Aspirator 5.76

Whelper Helper PDF

Whelper Helper PDF 2.27


23" x 29" Absorbent Pads: (20 Pads) 8.16

Anigene HLD4V Animal Disinfectant

Anigene HLD4V Animal Disinfectant 17.76

2 off 12ml Feeding Syringes

2 off 12ml Feeding Syringes 4.79

Lactol Feeding Bottle

Lactol Feeding Bottle 4.79

Puppy Feeding Set

Puppy Feeding Set 13.20

Puppy Feeding Tube Kits

Puppy Feeding Tube Kits From 6.72

Additional 250gm Tub of Welpi

Additional 250gm Tub of Welpi 10.74

Additional 2KG Tub of Welpi

Additional 2KG Tub of Welpi 37.68

Additional 250gm Tub of Cimicat

Additional 250gm Tub of Cimicat 10.74

Cat Wormer

Cat Wormer 4.25

Dog Wormer

Dog Wormer 4.25

Puppy Wormer

Puppy Wormer 4.25