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Buy Heated Dog Bed

Buy Heated Dog Bed   Heated Pet Beds from Petnap  Buy a Heated Dog Bed from Petnap’s online range for keeping your pet warm and

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Dog Bed Heater

Dog Bed Heater A Dog Bed Heater for keeping your dog warm and cosy on cold days with Heated Dog Beds. Soft and cosy, these

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Dog Heated Beds

Dog Heated Beds Dog Heated Beds from Petnap Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new and unique range of heated dog

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Pet Heated bed

Petnap Pet Heated bed Pet Heated bed from Petnap. We understand customers are concerned about keeping their beloved pets warm this winter. Petnap has a

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A Whelping Box

A Whelping Box   A whelping box which is also known by many other names such as Nesting Box, Birthing Box, Puppy Box is designed to

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Flexiguard Pet Heat Pad

If you have a pet, you are a breeder of cats or dogs or you work in a veterinary practice there is often a need to provide extra warmth for your animals

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Pet beds and pads

It is a well-known fact that pets love the warmth! If you have a conservatory you will know first-hand that any cat or dog loves to get in there on a sunny day and bask in the sun, similarly if you have an area of your house which the light falls on and creates a lovely warm patch of carpet

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Pet Heat Pad’s

Joint issues such as arthritis and rehabilitation from injury are an exceptionally common occurrence in pets. As the cat or dog ages, degeneration to the capsule will occur which hold the adjacent bones together caused by general wear and tear to the joint.

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Cardboard Whelping Box

Whether you are breeding your first litter or you are a professional breeder – as you approach the date your bitch is due to whelp you will be excited, anxious and vigilant! If you are planning to breed from your dog it is recommended to wait until they are a minimum of two years of age.

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