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Whelping Newborn Puppies

Whelping Newborn Puppies

Whelping Newborn Puppies

Whelping newborn puppies for someone who is breeding dogs for the first time, whelping can be a daunting experience. However, it is imperative that you provide an environment for your dog where she feels comfortable and at ease. And this can be mainly done through a whelping box.

Preparing beforehand for whelping is key to ensuring a smooth birthing process for the dog and her litter. This guide gives you the best practices and guidelines to follow to ensure the successful whelping of new-born puppies.

What is a Whelping Box?

A whelping box is essential to ensure a smooth birthing process. This space is designed specifically for giving birth to new-born puppies and raising them until they are a couple of weeks old.

The whelping box should be comfortable, strategically situated, and follow safety measures. These boxes come in varying shapes, sizes, materials, and more. In fact, you can even build it from scratch yourself. Having the right whelping box and setting it up will make all the difference in the birthing process for you and your dog.

Tips on How to Set Up Whelping Box

Whether you have built a whelping box from scratch or purchased it online from a reputable pet supplies store like Petnap, you must set it up properly. Here are the tips you should follow:

Whelping Newborn Puppies in a Quiet Room

Your dog will never be comfortable giving birth in a busy and noisy area of the house, which is why you should find a quiet and secluded spot for her. This is where she will have some privacy and be comfortable giving birth and caring for her new-born puppies.

Ensure That It Is Not Too Cold when Whelping Newborn Puppies

When setting up your whelping box, you must ensure that it is only placed in an area that is warm. Puppies are accustomed to warmer temperatures, and when they are born, they need the same kind of warmth since they cannot produce it themselves. The ideal temperature for the room should be 24 degrees.

Additionally, make sure there is no draft from the windows either. Owners can also consider keeping heating pads, lamps, or blankets in the whelping box. However, they should be careful because a hot temperature is just as dangerous as a cold one.

Acclimate Your Dog to the Whelping Area

Furthermore, it is absolutely essential for dog owners to set up and establish the whelping area a couple of weeks before the birth of the puppies. When setting up, let your dog explore the area. All of this will ensure that she gives birth in the whelping box only and not in any other area of the house.

Ensure That There Are No Animals Around when Whelping Newborn Puppies

The mother will be protective of her puppies and will likely become territorial, especially if she sees any threat. Hence, having other animals around her is not a good idea. If you don’t want the mother, her new-born puppies, or your other pets to be injured, ensure you keep the mother apart.

Get Appropriate Bedding for the Whelping Box

The best kind of bedding for a whelping box is soft, warm, and easily cleaned, replaced, and disinfected. Make sure that the bedding is comfortable for the dog and her litter. Moreover, it is also a good idea to have waterproof ones as it will reduce the need to frequently change the bedding.

Best Practices for Whelping Newborn Puppies Successfully

Once you have set up the whelping box for your dog, your job does not end there. You must do other things to ensure the new-born puppies are off to a good start and your dog is taken care of. Here are some tips for whelping new-born puppies that you should keep in mind:

Have a Checklist of Whelping Supplies for Whelping Newborn Puppies

A whelping box is not the only thing you need to ensure a smooth birthing process for your dog and her litter. There are tons of supplies and materials you will also need to keep. You should gather all of them beforehand, or better yet, get a whelping kit from Petnap, as it contains all the necessary supplies.

You will need a thermostat, paper towels, washcloths, gloves, surgical scissors, disposable bags, cotton wool balls, and syringes.

Notice the First Signs of Labour

You should also be aware of when your dog is ready to give birth so that you can facilitate her and make her feel comfortable. You should use a thermometer from the whelping kit to periodically check your dog’s temperature. If it keeps falling, chances are that your dog is going into labour.

Other signs of labour include visible signs of distress, not eating anything, nesting behaviour, and restlessness. All of these will show that your dog is preparing to give birth.

Be Present during Birth

It is imperative that owners are there to monitor the birthing process in case any issues or problems arise. However, ensure that there are only a few onlookers, as that may stress out your dam. Monitoring the birthing process involves looking at the new-born puppies and examining them. Healthy puppies should be noisy, have their eyes and ears closed, and would be nursing their mother.

In most cases, you will likely not need to cut the umbilical cord or remove the amniotic sac. These tasks would be undertaken by the mother. You simply need to ensure that she does it in time. It is a good idea to stay on a call with a vet during the birthing process in case you have any questions or require assistance.

Get Whelping Boxes and Supplies from Petnap

Dog owners should be prepared well in advance to ensure that the new-born puppies are off to a good start. Follow the aforementioned tips on setting up the whelping box and caring for your dog and her new-born puppies during the birthing process.

Petnap has a wide range of whelping boxes and supply kits you can choose from. Visit our website to find the most suitable ones for your dog!