Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis

Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis If you have suffered from arthritis or know someone suffering from this condition, you will know how painful it can be. Pets also suffer with it causing severe pain that can be debilitating. Heating Pads for Pets with Arthritis can be an ideal help/solution to the problem. Just as […]

Buy Heated Pet Bed

Buy Heated Pet Bed You should consider to Buy Heated Pet Bed for any cat or dog, as they just love curling up for a satisfying nap, in the warmest spot they can find. A petnap heating pad is the perfect way to guarantee there’s a cozy place for them, whatever the weather. This can […]

Heated Pet Bed from Petnap

Heated Pet Bed from Petnap Buying a Heated Pet Bed from Petnap helps customers concerned about keeping their beloved pets warm this winter rest easy. Petnap has a genius range of new heated pet beds that will with out doubt keep your pet lovely and perfectly warm all year round. Offering max comfort for your […]

Buy a Whelping Box, The Essential Items

Buy a Whelping Box, Our must have whelping items. Whelping Box Buy Whelping Box – We went down the DIY route at the start as we couldn’t find anything online to suit our budget-this was our first mistake it sounds very straight forward making a whelping box from wood etc but by the time we […]

Pet heat pads for Winter

Petnap pet heat pads Pet heat pads are ideal for new born pups and kittens and also nice for the older pets to lay on especially when they suffer with aches, pains and feel the cold. They provide much more consistent heat and is more robust than other heating mats you will come across. Why […]

Flexiguard Pet Heat Pad

If you have a pet, you are a breeder of cats or dogs or you work in a veterinary practice there is often a need to provide extra warmth for your animals

Pet beds and pads

It is a well-known fact that pets love the warmth! If you have a conservatory you will know first-hand that any cat or dog loves to get in there on a sunny day and bask in the sun, similarly if you have an area of your house which the light falls on and creates a lovely warm patch of carpet

Pet Heat Pad’s

Joint issues such as arthritis and rehabilitation from injury are an exceptionally common occurrence in pets. As the cat or dog ages, degeneration to the capsule will occur which hold the adjacent bones together caused by general wear and tear to the joint.

Flexiguard Heat Pads

Do you have an elderly pet? Is your cat or dog feeling their age when they wake up or struggling to move around as freely as they used to? Joint issues such as arthritis are an exceptionally common occurrence in pets.

Cheap Dog Heat Pads

Are you a dog lover, kennel owner or work in a veterinary practice? Do you want a simple way to keep you dog warm during the biting winter weather? Visit Petnap for a range of dog heat pads.